Melbourne City’s new home stadium could be the world’s first stadium with an air conditioning system

Melbourne City’s new home stadium could be the world’s first stadium with an air conditioning system

By Tim DurneyThe new Melbourne City Stadium could be an example of the type of stadium that could transform an urban community.

Originally designed to be a football ground, the $150 million, state-of-the-art facility is expected to be ready for the start of the 2018/19 season.

A state-by-state analysis by The Sport BiblioProject has found that the state’s metropolitan areas are the only ones that have been able to successfully build stadiums in an urban context.

The project, completed by Melbourne City Football Club in 2014, was hailed by local officials as the most innovative stadium in the country.

It is the first new soccer stadium in Australia since the completion of Melbourne’s $500 million Soccer City in 2012.

It also marks a major shift for the state and a significant step forward for the city.

“I think the biggest change is that the whole stadium design was built around the idea that there was going to be an air conditioner inside,” former Melbourne City FC boss Tom Harley said.

“It was very clear to me that it wasn’t going to work for our players.”

Mr Harley was referring to the facility’s design, which has a retractable roof, and the stadium’s ventilation system, which uses a mechanical pump and a water pump to pump water from a tank underneath the ground to an area inside the stadium.

“When we were building it, we were told by the design team that it was going for an air-conditioned stadium,” Mr Harley said, explaining why it was decided to make it so.

“The first time we got up on the pitch was to take out our air conditioners, and we were very disappointed.”

They said they weren’t going in for any reason.

“The new facility will include an expanded concourse, new seating and a wider grass area, but it will not be the city’s first indoor soccer stadium.

The AFL-CIO is now considering the state of the game in Australia, with Melbourne set to be considered for the first AFL-branded facility in the region.”

You know, I’ve been in Melbourne for 20 years now and it’s still the city I know and love,” former City FC coach Tom Harley told The Sport bible.”

This is a very, very special moment for our city, and it just makes me really happy for all of our players, because it’s such a great place to play.

“Melbourne City FC chief executive Paul Chapman told The BibliosProject that the stadium will be a major step forward in the citys bid to become the first Australian city to host an AFL-affiliated professional club.”

There’s a lot of history here that goes back for the last 100 years,” he said.

Mr Chapman said the new stadium would offer a great platform for the club to showcase the sport of football in Melbourne, and for the local community to show their support for the sport.”

We’ve got a fantastic group of players that have gone through a lot here in the Melbourne City region, they’ve been here all their lives and they’ve made a lot,” he added.”

And now we’ve got to build it, so they can show that they’re a part of the club.


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