Let me tell you about myself in short.

My name is Kalluri Satish Kumar. I have been in the Digital Marketing field since 2017. In 2017 & 2018 I worked as a regular digital marketing employee.
After getting a little bit of exposure in Digital Marketing through employment and a lot of awareness on Digital Marketing options through my research on the internet, I decided to stop working for someone else and create my own path in Digital Marketing.

PURPOSE OF CREATING learndigitalmarketingnow.com

learndigitalmarketingnow.com represents each topic of Digital Marketing from a beginner level to an in-depth level.

Each topic is written by keeping in view of all kinds of audience, and the interlinking topics to each topic will be explained from a beginner level to pro level.

learndigitalmarketingnow.com always strives to provide not only quality but also the clarity in the Digital Marketing subject that anyone can practically implement the subject with full awareness of what they are doing and thus it helps them to achieve their goals with full confidence, happiness and profits in their life.